College Admissions Contacts

College Admission Counselors and Recruiters

Contact: 801-422-4636

Ensign College
Contact: Kirk Rawlins Ph: 801-524-8100

Mountainland Technical College
Contact: Mark Middlebrook Ph: 801-753-4125

Salt Lake Community College
Contact: Darlene Lopez Barri Ph: 801-957-4974

Snow College
Contact: Ashley Shell Ph: 801-742-1157

University of Utah
Contact: Jihoon Kim Ph: 801-581-8761

US Airforce
Contact: Eric Tabor Ph: 800-257-1212

US Army
Contact: SSG Keller Ph: 801-403-3185

US Marines
Contact: Javier Aceves Ph: 801-571-6934

US National Guard
Contact: Michael Milendez-Rivera Ph: 907-707-8989

US Navy
Contact: Cody King Ph: 657-224-0102

Utah State University
Contact: Shayla Patterson Ph: 435-797-8131

Utah Tech University
Contact: Lillian Ph: 435-652-7777

Utah Valley University
Contact: Elizabeth Bowen Ph: 801-863-7565

Weber State
Contact: Sarah Winder Ph: 801-626-8068

Contact: Walter Prado Ph: 801-832-2224

Wyo Tech
Contact: Brandon Matchen Ph: 307-755-2279