Your donation

We have three main initiatives.  Your donation goes 100% to funding these projects and will not be used in any other way.  Please click on the link below to contribute today.  And thank you.

Your donation can go directly to helping pay for student lunches.  Our dining hall does not qualify for National School Lunch Program offered by the USDA so many students carry an outstanding balance.  We will always feed our students but need your help making in financially feasable.

In our efforts to support our parents and students in chasing soccer dreams we need your help to make this happen and keep costs affordable.  With youth sports turning into a "big business" we are working dilligently to provide a top experience without crushing people financially.

We believe that a corner stone of athletics is a sound injury prevention plan and a support team of trainers who can help those who do get injured.  With an athletic population of 150 student-athletes who participate in athletics every day, this is an area of critical need.