Information on Program


Program Director David Evans knows all about winning.  With a career coaching record of 147-23 he is the only coach in the country to have two teams win the prestigious Geico National Tournament.

David Evans stands for something bigger than winning games; he stands for commitment, accountability, and pushing the bounds of human achievement. His secret is to build a coaching staff and a program that instills values like commitment, character, love, respect, and discipline. Evans has brought to Wasatch Academy some of the sports' best and brightest who understand what it takes to compete and win at the highest level; and who are outstanding role models for our current and future players.

Evans has a successful basketball career as both a player and coach. In addition to his collegiate and professional playing experience, Evans has over 19 years of basketball coaching experience.

The RSLA Boys Basketball program features a multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on position-specific instruction, as well as a fundamental development of the game allowing any athlete to learn a new sport by player evaluations.  This is achieved by focusing on the individual style of play, and also through the steps of the development process of JV and Varsity game opportunities.

We do not cut any players from the program; there is a place for every player at RSL Academy.

With as much attention to academics as the efforts on the court, student-athletes follow individual development plans geared directly towards their personal goals and progression.  This is to not only prepare them for collegiate athletics, but to deepen their understanding of academics post college life as well as balancing athletics with academics through the athletes formal education years.  

Ultimately the basketball program focuses not just on learning the game, but taking the lessons learned through this experience and preparing them to overcome obstacles throughout the athletes life and to think outside the box.