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We understand the place of high school soccer in your son or daughter's life.  It is an opportunity to cultivate social connections, have your friends come to a game, see your name in the paper, garner post season awards - the experience simply can't be replicated in club ball.  We value the opportunity to play high school ball and think it makes a positive impact on your life.  But we also understand that it isn't the time to run 8 miles on a Saturday or hold 3 hour practices in the summer to win at all costs.

High school is a time to celebrate this beautiful game, play with your friends, and IF DONE CORRECTLY, improve your skills.  For the girls at RSLAHS our season falls during the most critical time of year on the calendar because it immediately precedes one of the most important tournament times - Thanksgiving.  If your daughter gets wrecked playing for your typical big box high school, with wildly long complex fitness regimens, ill-conceived practice progressions, or other unsafe methods, your daughter could suffer life long repercussions.

Your sons also have Thanksgiving tournaments as one of the most important recruiting periods in the year.  At RSLAHS we understand that fall is a time dedicated to club soccer for the boys, and we aim to supplement your training with technically focused practices that will elevate your son far beyond his peers.  We dedicate a full class period to soccer training.  If you were to try and hire a personal trainer, you would pay thousands of dollars for that same service.

We offer an unparalleled high school soccer experience.  We have access to some of the best facilities in the country, if not the world.  Our indoor facility has two full size soccer fields under one roof, and is the only facility like it in all of North America.  We dedicate a class to elevate your son or daughter to the next level.  Couple this focused approach to improving as a soccer player with a top educational experience, and your child will be prepared to enter college and succeed at that level - both on the field and in the classroom.

Development   Effectiveness | Improvement

  • Playing with other dedicated soccer players will elevate your play quicker than in a normal high school environment

  • A year round soccer class specifically designed to improve the student athletes in the four pillars of soccer:  physical, mental, technical, & tactical

Leadership   Qualifications | Philosophy

  • Highly qualified coaching staff.  1 A licenses,  1 B license, multiple coaches with D licenses, 1 Premiere license, collegiate playing experience, professional playing experience, and over 80 years of high level club, high school, and college coaching.  

Training Body & Mind | Health & Nutrition | Style | Environment | Facility

  • Scientifically grounded fitness program that is incorporated into a yearly calendar with focus on the important events of a club season (high value tournaments and state cup)

  • Training sessions that occur almost 150 times annually.

        Emphasis on small sided games with limited touches to improve vision and speed of play

Academics   High School | College

  • Flexible academic classes where you have the freedom to take unofficial visits and don't see your grades suffer for missing class.

  • Individualized "road maps" for each student athlete that takes them from their 9th grade year to graduation.  Plans out everything from registering with the clearinghouse, establishing a top 20 college wishlist, ACT prep info, id camp attendance plan, and how to effectively correspond with college coaches

  • Emphasis on completing as many college credits as possible to allow for reduced course loads during collegiate season play.  In some cases student athletes may be able to complete their associates degree and set themselves up to finish a masters in 4 years of collegiate play.


  • Attending Real Academy High School is FREE.  There is NO tuition to attend RSLA.

  • We do not charge our athletes “spirit pack” fees

  • We do not participate in crazy fundraising events