Information on Program


about the program

The mission of the dance company is to support, promote, and represent RSLA through the promotion of school spirit, pride, tradition, and student involvement.

● Support and perform at RSLA sporting events
● Support RSLA relations by attending and promoting various events on campus and throughout the community
● Develop and display dance skills and technique
● Demonstrate qualities of commitment, discipline and, responsibility

Description​ ​of​ ​Team
● Dance performances that include a variety of Jazz, Military, and Hip-Hop dance styles

● Must maintain sufficient academic progress (2.3 GPA)
● Must be able to attend team practices
● Must be able to commit to all team activities and events
● Must demonstrate responsibility
● Must abide by all school rules and regulations
● Must maintain a positive attitude
● Must support all team members
● Must possess a strong dedication to academic excellence
● There are some costs involved in participating

Time​ ​Commitments​ ​and​ ​Expectations
● Attend all practices
● Missed practices are not permitted. Leaving practice early will count as a missed
practice. 3 or more missed practices will result in removal from performances and may result in removal from the team
● Attend all team performances and events
● Must treat dance commitments like a job where you are accountable, timely, and disciplined
● Priorities are academics and then the team, you will be placed on probation and possibly excused from the team if you are not maintaining academic progress
● Treat all team members with respect
● Must be willing to learn, accept instruction, and respect the decisions of the coach
● Have a mature positive attitude. Be honest, respectful, and dependable
● Cell phone use is not permitted during practice

● Possible competition opportunities
● The support and encouragement of the team
● Friends
● Development of dance technique