School Land Trust Grant



The Utah State Board of Education provides money to Utah public schools to assist with improving student academic achievement. They want parents to be involved in decision-making regarding how their child’s school spends this money.

Real Salt Lake Academy High School needs parents to volunteer to be part of its charter trust land council (Council). The Council is responsible for creating a plan focused on improving student academic achievement, including setting goals, creating action steps, assigning a budget, and following up to see how the plan worked. The anticipated time commitment is less than 15 hours a year and involves attending meetings and seeking input from other parents. 

Parents can learn more about the Utah School Land Trust program in Utah State Board of Education Rule R277-477. 

The public is welcome to attend meetings all Land Trust Grant Meetings. Members of the Committee are:

  • Administrator / Director - Grant Stock -  email:

  • Chair - GG Weisenfeld - email:

  • Vice Chair - Amy Stephenson - email:

  • Secretary - Jose Rincon - email:

  • Faculty Representative - Pace Ford - email:

  • Parent Member - Lark Tate - email:

School Land Trust Grant Rules of Order and Procedure

2017-2018 Agenda's and Plans 

Agenda from October 30th, 2017
2017-2018 School Land Trust Grant
Agenda for Meeting March 30th, 2018