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2020-2021 COVID-19 School Information 

Real Salt Lake Academy would like to remind all who come to this site for information that this information continues to change as a result of state laws and local needs. Please realize that something you download here may become outdated and you will need to return regularly to insure your information is up to date. Real Salt Lake will try and keep a date by each link of when the information was uploaded to the site. Thanks for all your patience and flexibility during these trying times. Ultimately, we want to remind Families that to insure the health of all students we need them to be the primary source for monitoring their own families health and keeping their student home if they are some one in the household is sick or at high risk of being sick with the corona virus. We are all in this together so please do your part as a family to keep everyone safe so we can keep our school open.

Health Survey For Students 9-10-2020

Real Salt Lake Academy School Re-opening Plan for 2020-2021 (8-5-2020)

Planes de Reapertura de Escuela (8-5-2020)

School Re-opening Plan at a Glance (7-31-2020)

COVID-19 School Manual From The State of Utah (1-5-2021)

Synchronous Distance Learning at Real Salt Lake Academy (7-31-2020)

COVID-19 Symptom Checklist (7-31-2020)

Keep Students Safe CDC Recommendations (8-5-2020)

Who Should Quarantine and What Should I do During Quarantine (8-18-2020)