Mission & Vision

Real Academy is designed for students of the 21st century.  Real Academy encourages students to choose their path of study and their pace of advancement through project based learning, STEM curriculum, college preparatory classes and state-of-the-art online curriculum within a small, cohesive educational community. Our Schools Mission and Vision define how we go about the policies, programs, goals, and curriculum at our school.


The mission of Real Academy is to educate, empower and equip our students for the life they choose while at school and beyond graduation. Within a small, caring community, our laser-focused educational STEM program design provides each student with an individually crafted learning experience through the use of cutting-edge technology, project based learning, dynamic teaching and holistic mentoring.


We believe it is essential for secondary students to understand they are in control of their educational experiences and their paths to successful futures.

We believe the most important factor in a secondary student’s educational success is their relationships with superior teachers who empower students by providing guidance and encouragement.

We believe teachers should be mentors who understand their student’s strengths and weaknesses and who coach each student through their secondary education experience.

We believe current technology coupled with a STEM curriculum provides a powerful tool for individually-tailored student learning and for real-time assessment of progress to inform, encourage and guide students and their teachers.

To help us accomplish our mission and vision as a school Real Academy will use a blended learning model, with a combination of online classes, traditional classes, and classes designed in a workshop/lab style. Classes may be a combination of all three styles. Online Courses will be accessed through Edgenuity. Edgenuity is NCAA Approved and provides curriculum, real-time data, a virtual teacher, a "success" coach (like a counselor), and an "academic coach." Part of the program includes an onsite mentor/coach. Real Academy will use paraprofessionals to provide this role.

Real Academy offers five possible emphasis (pathways) for students to follow to graduation. Science (Biotechnology), Technology, Engineering, Math, and Sport Business. In order for students to have more flexibility in their schedules and provide additional coursework in areas of emphasis, Real Academy will use competency-based education. Utilizing competency-based education provides students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do and allows students to adjust their PEP plans accordingly. This process would also have the potential of increasing students' options for specific pathways, concurrent enrollment, and internships. The course sequences/pathways for the five areas are listed below.

Real Salt Lake Academy High School Tracks

All students at Real Salt Lake Academy are required to choose a track of study. Students may switch their track of study if they feel they are no longer interested in that particular track. Students must complete at least 4 credits in each track to be recognized as a track completer at graduation.